Soups & Broths


Soups and Broths can be a nutritious part of your healing regime. They can be enjoyed any time of the year and eaten at any time of the day, many cultures have soup for breakfast.

I LOVE soups and broths, and some can be made raw too. I love to experiment and create healthy versions of my favorite soups and broths. Make sure when you ask for Pho in restaurants, it’s does not have hidden MSG’s. I recently picked up a cookbook full of Pho recipes, the preface explained that MSG is used in all the recipes and a crucial part of the taste!!

Healing Broth - This recipe is adapted from the recipe by ‘Medical Medium’ and is by far my favorite vegetable broth. Read more here>>

Vegetable Pho - using the healing broth as the stock, you can make a great Pho with your desired vegetables. Read more here>>

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Raw Spinach Soup - this very quick and nutritious soup made in a blender for an easy meal anytime. Read more here>>