Lunches & Dinners


All these recipes can be eaten any time. When you adopt a plant-based lifestyle, these recipes are light enough for a lunchtime but also very satisfying for an evening meal. Pinterest and Yummly are two places to find great recipes, but also on Medical Medium’s blog page - he has tons of hidden recipes on there, you just have to scroll through his pages.

I love to eat raw foods as much as possible as they are the healthiest and aids detox at the same time. During the hot summer months, I eat mainly raw, but I love potatoes, which I now eat regularly, now that I know they are a healing food. On these days, I eat raw until about 4pm and have a light cooked meal in the evening.

Red Cabbage meal - This recipe is adapted from the recipe by ‘Medical Medium’ and is eaten with baked sweet potatoes. Read more here>>

Raw Nori Rolls - there are endless combinations and make a great lunch, snack or light evening meal. Read more here>>

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Raw Curry Noodles - yes, you can make curry raw, this curry sauce is very slightly heated in the blender. Read more here>>