Q: What should I expect at the first consultation?

Allow 90 mins, for history taking, clinical assessment and treatment.

Please complete this form for your first appt :NST Client Intake Form.pdf

Please read the NST - after care-1.pdf instructions, so you can plan ahead and be well prepared.

Q: Is there anything I should do on the day of treatment?

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant - try to avoid coffee, even De-Caf, strong black tea, and some sodas as they have caffeine in them. The moves during treatment stimulate the nervous system, and chemical stimulants like caffeine, can interfere with the process.

For more information on what to do on the day of treatment, please refer to the document below.

NST - after care-1.pdf

Q: What should I wear?

Loose (sport-type) shorts and a t-shirt or top, yoga-type clothing works great too - please, no denim or thick clothing. I perform the ‘moves’ through your clothing. Please, no high heels, as these will alter your post-treatment outcome.

Q: What does a typical treatment involve?

Firstly - it is NOT massage. I perform gentle moves over specific muscles, tendons and ligaments all over the body, anywhere from head to toes, mainly along your spine. I perform the ‘moves’ through your clothing, so it’s important to wear loose, thin clothing.

Sessions are between 40 - 60 mins. Allow 90 mins for the initial consultation.

There are rest phases during treatment, anything from 30 secs to 10 mins - this is a crucial part of the treatment, and these are for your benefit. Many impulses will have taken place via the neuromuscular system causing subtle changes, and these are made in steps for maximum benefit to you.

Q: What about conversation?

Conversation is kept to a minimum during treatment for your benefit and relaxation.

Q: Are there any side effects?

Many people feel euphoric after treatment - just an incredible feeling of well being. Some people may experience body aches, headaches, or hot and cold flushes, emotional releases are very common. These aches can sometimes feel like flu symptoms and are a positive sign that the healing process is working and will disappear within a couple of days.

Q: What is the typical treatment schedule?

3 sessions are recommended, even if all symptoms and pain is resolved after the first session. This is to reinforce the stimulus for the body to calibrate and prevent the body from going back to its dysfunctional body patterns. Chronic conditions may take 5 sessions or more. After the initial consultation and treatment, one follow up appointment is scheduled a week or 2 later, usually the 3rd treatment also is about a week or 2 week later, depending on symptoms. Very simple “After Care Instructions” are given and are a vital part of the treatment process. Once major pain and symptoms are resolved, some clients have monthly or bi-monthly treatments to maintain their good health.

Q: How does it work?

The moves stimulate the golgi tendon organs and muscle spindles, which are proprioceptors that provide information about changes in muscle length and tension. Once applied, the typical response of the body to NST is to deeply relax, which is followed by a spontaneous self-correction and recalibration process. Structure governs function, so anything that will bring structure back into alignment will beneficially affect musculo-skeletal, nervous and visceral functioning.

As Tom Bowen studied Oriental Medicine, many moves coincide with Chinese medicine along vital bladder and kidney meridian lines. He describes some moves as opening and closing the energy channels. Some “holds’ coincide with our western medicine trigger points, which are acupuncture/pressure points.

Q: Do you take insurance plans?

Unfortunately not, only in the state of Florida. Hopefully in time, insurance coverage will be nationwide. I will gladly give you a receipt for YOU to make a claim. HSA’s are accepted.

Q: I am receiving another form of treatment - does NST work with that?

NST works very well alongside other treatments such as Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy etc but I do ask you to wait for a full week after treatment, simply because it may nullify the treatment. I’m a huge advocate of all modalities that promote well-being.

Q: I feel so energized and pain free, I’d like to start running again, is this advisable?

Some athletes feel immediately invigorated post-treatment and want to run on the day of treatment. It is advised not to perform strenuous exercise for 2-4 days after treatment. Absolutely carry out your exercise program, many people have been unable to exercise because of injury or pain.  Subtle changes will be taking place as the body begins calibrating itself back to balance. Walking is advised, at least 15 mins per day is recommended. Absolutely start running again when you are pain free, many people have had to stop exercising because of pain and poor range of movement, it’s wonderful for them to get back to the gym or back to a training routine.

Q: I’m taking medication - should I stop?

Firstly, I cannot give medical advice. Many clients taking medication, may find after an NST session their pain is drastically reduced, or they are pain free and their symptoms diminish or are resolved. Before altering your medication timetable, you must check with your Primary Health Care Physician, as many pain and prescription medications must be reduced gradually, and can be detrimental to your health if abruptly stopped. It is not within my scope of practice to advise you.

Q: What age group does NST treat?

From newborn babies to the elderly. NST is an extremely safe, gentle, medication free modality.

Q: What conditions respond to NST?

Please refer to the NST/Bowen page. This is not an exhaustive list, but it will give you an idea of the variation of conditions NST has been known to help. Please check out the case studies page too, personal information is omitted for client privacy.

NB - NST is not guaranteed to be effective on all individuals

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment can be accepted by cash, personal check and credit card.

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