Case Studies


This page presents a few specific examples of the variety of conditions NST has helped, and the results I expect to achieve. Whether the outcomes seem miraculous or unbelievable to you, for me, these results are typical.

Age 20 years - Fractured tail bone at age 15 years, also diagnosed with scoliosis, shoulder blades had 2” difference laterally to spine. Seen different doctors for pain, headaches and muscular spasms, seen chiropractor and spinal specialist. Has been in pain for 5 years. After just one treatment of NST - spine totally straightened and shoulder blades level. After 3 sessions, headaches and pain gone, no more muscle spasms or neck pain, no sign of scoliosis.

Age 54 years - Pain everywhere, insomnia, headaches, poor quality of life due to pain, low energy, had 8 surgeries on ankles, cannot walk far without pain, orthotics in shoes due to leg length differences. After one treatment of NST - had so much energy and walked for 3 miles, as pain in ankles was almost gone. Said the feeling of well being was so intense on the evening of treatment which was totally out of character for her, and took an anti-anxiety pill to quell her energy. After 2nd treatment, she feels years younger, has a new zest for life and positive outlook, she can sleep soundly, not had headaches, and her pain has left her body. Leg length equal, no longer needs orthotics in shoes.

Age 16 years - Dislocated shoulder a year previous, seen by physiotherapists, was told surgery was needed, pain with movement, clicking, popping sounds, unable to lift weights. After one NST session, shoulder pain gone, has full range of movement and is back training at the gym.

Age 64 years - Pain in knees, unable to walk far, in constant pain, even when resting, knees buckle at times. After 2 NST treatments, is able to walk without pain, able to go up and down stairs, no buckling of knees, says whole body can move, twist, turn, bend better, not been this flexible in years. Back ache gone too.

Age 65 years - Came for treatment for pain in shins and calf cramps at night. After one NST treatment, there was noticeably less swelling of hands and pain from rheumatoid arthritis, fingers and wrists more flexible, also huge decrease in symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Now able to go out socially without worrying and has a general overall feeling of well-being. Not had cramping, and shin pain is gone.

Age 35 years - Pain in hip, hurts to walk, had pain for 5 years. One treatment of NST, hip pain totally gone and able to walk for miles, pain-free.

Age 54 years - Numbness in groin, unable to bend, sciatic nerve pain, pain when sitting, all stemmed from snowboarding accident a year ago. Has had neck pain for years. After 2 NST sessions, sensation back in groin, neck pain gone and more flexible, is able to bend, sciatic nerve pain gone, has more flexibility in fingers too and no more tailbone pain.

Age 14 years - Painful shoulders, neck pain, cannot sleep at night. Noticeable forward head posture, with rounded shoulders and both arms internally rotated.  An hour after a NST treatment, shoulders straightened, neck and shoulder pain were gone, arms now relaxed at client’s sides. Client also had a mild scapula deviation which also leveled post-treatment.

Age 48 years - Aching joints, lethargic, previous surgery for carpal tunnel on both wrists, surgery on knee, suffers daily with pain from low back to neck, including all joints, pain level 6-8 (on scale 1-10). After one NST treatment, pain was halved, energy level was up, digestion greatly improved and knee pain gone. After second NST treatment, pain level 1, has so much more energy, can sleep at night and has improved quality of life.

Age 54 years - Suffers with weekly migraines, daily headaches, was recently diagnosed with asthma, constant allergies and clicking, painful TMJ, unable to walk far as knee pain. Slept 12 hours post treatment, knee pain gone, breathing has improved, allergies gone, TMJ no longer clicking or painful, no further headaches 6 weeks later.

Age 15 years - Has ADHD, on medication, painful popping TMJ. After 2 NST treatments, feels so much calmer and improvement in attention span, is weaning off medication. TMJ, no longer painful.

Age 63 years - Painful, swollen wrist. After one NST treatment, client said her energy level had soared 3 hours post treatment, her whole body coordination had improved, she felt straighter and taller, her wrist swelling and pain was gone.

Age 53 years - Painful, rheumatoid arthritis in all joints, walking, bending, driving is very difficult. Energy level is very low. Doctors want to start chemotherapy, as all other forms of treatment have been unsuccessful. Noticeable swelling in knuckles and wrists, painful, swollen knees, can’t walk far because of hip pain. After 3 NST treatments, client said her energy level had increased from a 3 to an 8, swelling had drastically reduced in her hands, with less pain and improved flexibility and mobility. Can easily walk for a mile without pain and has started exercising again at the gym. Ongoing treatment advised. After session 6, client says her body now feels like it did years ago, before her diagnosis and is happily walking her dogs for miles on the beach pain free.

Age 59 years - SLE, painful knees, wrists, fingers, circulation poor, mornings are difficult, has allergies and has had a cough for over a year. After one NST treatment, improved energy, improvement in circulation, all joints feel looser and less painful and are less swollen. Cough has stopped, allergies have gone. Ongoing treatment advised.  Doctors say that all blood work has improved too.

Age 44 years - Has severe lower and mid-back pain, diagnosed with herniated disc, sciatic nerve pain down left leg, radiating to ankle. Has numbness down left leg with tingling, can only sleep supine, has poor quality of life due to pain. Had cortisone shots with no effect, doctors want to operate. After first treatment, felt fantastic for the first 3 days, then pain came back to same level, client was driving for 8 hours post-treatment which is NOT advised. Client also was diagnosed with scoliosis 10 years ago, has a left external rotation of hip, has painful left shoulder with very restricted movement, has painful knees and ankles. Slowly improving after 4 sessions, client continues to drive long distances for work - sciatic nerve pain has gone, numbness and tingling gone, pain level much less, can now sleep on sides and feels so much better. Had a recreational accident and pain is severe again in lower/mid-back. After session 7, client’s overall posture has improved dramatically, and is finally pain free. Shoulders, knees, ankle problems resolved.

Age 36 years - Has been unable to conceive a second child for eighteen months. One NST session, client delighted to inform me that she is now pregnant. To date, has given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Age 32 years - Has regular, severe, debilitating migraines that cluster and last for days, leaving her bed-ridden, weak and physically drained of energy. Takes migraine medication. After 3 NST sessions, client now reports that she has had only one mild headache which disappeared after taking tylenol,  is no longer taking her prescription medication and has had no further migraines since (9 months later).

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