“Linda is an angel on earth! I always tell her this because it is so true. I would not be where I am today if not for Linda. Since I was 35, I suffered with chronic migraine and pain. I felt like I was going crazy and that I would never be healed. I struggled to raise 2 kids and work at the same time, then upon leaving my job 5 years into chronic pain, I decided to dedicate my time to healing. I started with the usual rounds of Dr. visits, medications, MRIs, physical therapy, acupuncture. Nothing seemed to help, and no one could find anything wrong with me. According to them, I was completely healthy. 3 years into all of this research (now 8 years of pain) I found Linda's NST website online. I phoned her up and left a message and she immediately phoned back and when I heard her voice I just knew she would be the person that would lead me on my journey of healing. Upon meeting her, I realized I was in very capable, compassionate and knowledgeable hands. After a few sessions with Linda, my migraines were gone. I absolutely could not believe it was true. I am now migraine free for 3 years. It has been a long 11 year recovery that I now know could have been lessened if I had met Linda sooner. Now at age 46, the journey continues. Her help has spawned a whole new journey of healing for me, both emotional and spiritual that has come full circle since our first session all those years back. I continue to learn and heal everyday in everyway. Linda has become a trusted friend to me; someone I can count on as an incredible source of health and nutrition knowledge. Linda has so much compassion for her clients and it does not end after each session. She continues to offer her care and provide healing information that can help you to continue on your journey to a pain free healthier you. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Linda for helping me to avoid the road I was going down. She pointed me into a new and healthier direction and I will never forget how she has helped me. Again, a true angel on earth! Prayers answered! Thank you Linda for all you do so wholeheartedly and with such compassionate determination!”

Andrea D. CA

“Seriously, you are indeed God sent. Your knowledge and professionalism, and most importantly, your love of others and the wisdom that you express, all of the above is unmatched. Thanks for taking good care of me. I am very grateful to God, and blessed that our path crossed.”

Michael A. CA

“I’m still thinking about my wonderful treatment. But more than that, your kindness and encouraging words have really lifted me up. You have no idea how well received these words were to my head and heart. So thank you so much.....”

Rosemary R. CA

Age 14yrs - “I had neck and shoulder pain and couldn’t sleep at night, after one session, my neck and shoulder pain disappeared immediately, an hour later, my shoulders became straighter, and a painful finger that I couldn’t bend, was now easy to move and no longer painful. “

Connor B. NC

Age 64yrs, very limited in walking for years and in constant pain.  “Our first session turned out remarkably and I could not believe what a difference there has been in my knee.  The truth is I delayed writing or calling because I kept on waiting for a negative rebound, but it never happened.  The rest of my body feels wonderful.  More movement, more flexibility, more bending, turning, you name it. I am drinking plenty of water and moving around inside and outside more.  I really do feel so much better and I owe it all to you. You truly are gifted in your touch.” 

Jean S. VA

“I came to you with severe low-back pain and after one hour with you, my pain was gone. Linda, you were my angel today.”

Heather A. NC

“I can’t believe the heat in your hands, you are a true healer, I feel so much better, I can’t believe I put my appointment off for so long, thank you so much for what you do.”

Emily F. NC


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